We know the feeling of not finding what you are looking for. That's why we decided to change it. Our vision is to create a platform where you can find all the high quality, sustainable, socially responsible, fashion forwarded brands that you are looking for. But even more: We want to be transparent about the brands we showcase. We want to tell you at a glance what the brand is about.  So that you can decide by yourself where you would like to buy. 

You're not quite sure what's "en vogue" ATM? We tell you: Everything that you like to see on yourself. We don't live by the concept of telling you what to wear. But we can help showing you what the market has to offer. And by market we do not mean what you can read inside the big fashion magazines but the newest coolest brands that fit your style. 

Explore, browse, find ... on AVOW. 

AVOW Founders Elena and Jacqueline